Monday, February 11, 2013

Designers Heart Challenge for Artisan Whimsy
~A Mothers Heart ~
You know the passion and love a mother feels when she looks at her new baby sleeping?
This is the passion and love I decided upon, for this challenge.
It's a love like no other. Yes, it's not the typical Valentine love of a man and women.
But, it represents that love and the feeling of hope and wonder that a new life brings
to a mother. When your there in the quiet looking, time stands still.
You wonder about all the things the child will do and 1 day become.
And then you walk out of the room, and if you are like me, you think, " I hope I don't screw this whole parenting thing up!"

Pendant- Fine Art Sticker Morisot Painting
French artist (1841-1895)
Embossed Brass sheet metal, fine art sticker, mica, brass eyelets,
 and black lace ribbon.
Dangle heart made from recycled tin, brass sheet metal, brass eyelet and screw. 
Velvet ribbon necklace.


  1. What a beautiful post, Laura! I can relate to the words you describe - but boy do those newborn days seem like so long ago now.
    Your necklace is beautiful - I love the artwork that you chose with the added touch of the velvet ribbon. "A Mother's Heart" is so stunning!

  2. Very pretty. Very you:)

  3. Laura what a beautiful necklace and an even more beautiful story. There is no love to compare to a "Mother's Love", a "father's love" may come a close second. Beautifully written and beautifully made.


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