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Welcome to my Blog! I am so glad you found me. Here's a little more information about me...

I consider myself a mixed media artist, as I have worked with so many different materials and done so many different things revolving around art.  I  started with a degree in Fine Arts from Southeast Missouri State University. I graduated with an emphasis in Interior Design and a minor in Art, which ended up being a regret, I wanted an art teaching certificate later.  
Like most artists, I have always been creative in some way or another, going back to my childhood. I've always enjoyed old and vintage things, and I remember loving garage sales in my youth. My first purchase at a sale in my neighborhood  was a red Parsons table. Remember those?

After college, I was an interior designer for a small company, and it soon became evident the profession wasn't for me. My own hearing loss prompted an interest in working with deaf people.  This lead me to Central Institute for The Deaf in St. Louis.  When I realized the children did not have art in their curriculum, I quickly set a plan in motion. The following year, I was the art teacher for all grade levels, and eventually designed a new art room for the old building.  The kids were amazing and I loved teaching them.  They were so expressive, and I learned so much from them about life in general. I loved everything about being an art teacher! The teaching, the kids, the deaf component. Each new year, the kids won my heart over as the year turned to fall, and winter set in. It was so rewarding that they could express themselves in my class through art, when the rest of the day, reading, writing, and the act talking alone were so difficult. I have fond memories of my time there.  

Fast forwarding from college to a new city, and 3 kids later, where we moved to Atlanta, I stumbled upon some beads to make into earrings for Christmas presents. With that,

I started working on learning wire basics and stringing simple pieces.   Eventually I found Barbara Lewis, I fell in love with her filigree beads.  I bought her written tutorial, a torch and supplies, and I was Painting with Fire shortly thereafter!

I opened my Etsy site, BlueAntiquities in 2008, with simple one-of-kind pieces.  
I took workshops and classes and purchased books and magazines to learn all I could about artisan jewelry.  As I was developing my skills, my jewelry style slowly began to emerge into something that was my own. 

Today most of my work is one-of-kind pieces that include hand forged wire elements and my handmade enamel beads or charms.  A lot of my pieces have a vintage look with new-old stock chain, brass stampings, and patinas. I include vintage and antique pieces in my work, and I enjoy creating the time worn look too. I am inspired by the past, and  find myself searching for the story behind things, then weaving it's tale into my jewelry. For me, history has a way of clarifying the future and helping me live in the moment.   

A big part of my jewelry style is my enameling.
I am thrilled to be the first certified teacher of Painting with Fire by Barbara Lewis, visiting her shop and studio in 2010 and again in 2012.
Barbara wrote her first book on the topic, Torch-Fired Enamel Jewelry: A Workshop in Painting with Fire and it was the number 1 craft book on Amazon in 2011!  I am thrilled to be an author and contributor to her second book, Mastering Torch Fire Enamel released in Oct 2014.  Please check out her website with the link on my sidebar.

Laura Guenther Blue Antiquities
Barbara Lewis Painting with Fire 2012
Painting With Fire Teacher Certification

I am currently teaching private workshops in my home studio in Greensboro, N.C., where I am available to teach 1 or 2 people,  beginner and advanced workshops.  I am now offering Open Fire Workshops on 1 Friday a month!  Look at the Workshop tab for information. Visit the tabs on the top of the page to learn more about my jewelry and happenings.  Please email BlueAntiquitiesJewelry@Gmail.com, for more information.  I tailor my workshops per individual, so please keep this in mind as you inquire. I hope to offer project themed workshops at my home studio soon. Keep an eye out for those postings.

Artist Bonnie Dees In Home Workshop
BlueAntiquities with Laura Guenther
I have taught group workshops at the wonderful Ornamentea jewelry and crafts store in Raleigh, N.C.  I loved being a member of the Ornamentea family, and working with Cynthia Deis.  Along with day workshops, we ran two successful boot camps which were 3 and 4 day events. The first boot camp was "Such Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of" and the kits were published in Somerset Life Summer 2015. "A Thousand Forests" Boot Camp ran Labor Day weekend of 2015. The boot camps were great, because you can really solidify your skills with this technique becoming comfortable working around your torch area and with your bead pulling station. This will then get you to the fun of the process, and that is truly, 
Painting with Fire! 
"Such Stuff That Dreams Are Made On"
Elizabethan and Shakespearean
Boot Camp Ornamentea
with Laura Guenther
"A Thousand Forests"
Boot Camp with Laura Guenther

Ornamentea is closing its doors as of spring 2016.   My new workshops are being planned and scheduled in Greensboro at Reconsidered Goods. Please stay tuned for those workshops.  I enjoy sharing what I know, and I try to be as helpful and thorough as I can, when I teach.  I would love to meet you!

As my children get older and I have more time in the studio, I am ever more excited to create.  I hope you find some inspiration in my work, and in some way it influences your own creativity. Nothing would make me happier. Along with enameling workshops, I also teach jewelry basics, working with wire and metals and combining techniques.  Please let me know when inquiring if you are interested in learning other things.  I can add area of interests as needed, and if possible. Please email me about these workshops!  I will add you to my schedule!

Thank you for visiting BlueAntiquities Studio and taking the time to find out more about me!


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