Thursday, February 5, 2015

New Teaching Venue
Hello everyone.  I am so excited to announce a new teaching venue for my enameling workshops!  I will be teaching at the wonderful Ornamentea in Raleigh North Carolina!  If you have not been to the shop, and live in the triad area, I highly recommend you visit.  
The shop has an amazing amount and variety of jewelry supplies.  You won't believe it!  There is also lots of other "fine craft ingredients"  for your projects.  You will find yourself lost in the fabulous atmosphere, and so enjoy shopping there.

Aside from the supplies, Ornamentea offers free tutorials, crafting nights, Try it Tuesdays and much more.  At the front of the shop, there is a table available if you want to work on your projects.  The friendly staff is super knowledgeable about the products offered.  They are all so welcoming and sweet.
I have been working with Cynthia Deis for months, planning project workshops and an upcoming enameling boot camp.  I have really enjoyed working with Cynthia, she is a very talented lady, and is super easy to work with. I can't say enough good thins about her. 
If your considering taking a workshop, we have several project workshops planned for 2015.  I have a disk earring class in February that includes working with decals.  This workshop is full, but it will run again, so keep an eye out for another date.  We have another fun class coming in March that is called, "Dictionary Moments".  This class will have you making a fun pair of text earrings and necklace. Next on the line up is a four day boot camp. 
Both Cynthia and I are super thrilled about offering this.  You will learn a lot in the camp, so watch for the date to be announced.  
I have learned some tips and tricks with years of practice, and I cant wait to share them in my workshops.  Even if you know the process or if your just starting out, this technique can be tricky and hands on learning will bring your enameling up a notch.
I hope you will join us!  Laura