Thursday, May 29, 2014

Coming in August 2014!  I am excited to have a necklace featured in the pages of this new book, among other talented artists, Carol Wingfield Myers, Lynnea Bennett, and Heather Marston.

Mastering Torch Fired Enamel Jewelry

the next Steps in painting with fire

by Barbara Lewis
This book is going to be loaded with new projects,  things to do
with enamel and other materials,  techniques, troubleshooting, and much,much more.
Mastering Torch-Fired Enamel Jewelry
Barbara and I the day I received my certification in St. Petersburg Florida.
This is outside of her wonderful gallery and shop.
 If you have the opportunity to go and visit, it is worth the trip!

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Saturday, May 10, 2014

8th Bead Soup Blog Party

Welcome to the Party!!!
Thank you to the amazingly talented, Lori Anderson! 
My inspiration for my pieces came straight from the Bead Soup I received from my partner Laura.
Her lamp work beads are amazing.  Both sets are fabulous,
but I especially loved the "striped" set with the bold and fun color ways.
Bright orange, tangerine, lime green, shades of blue, lemon yellow and yummy colors of red.
See the bead front and center, it caught my attention! Look at those cool colors, the plum, the blue, the orange.......... such a cool color combination!

Visit Laura at Open Studio Beads to see her amazing beads and jewelry.
Click here

As soon as these arrived in the mail, I got an idea for a mixed media project, with the focal point being that front and center bead.  Not sure where the idea came from, it just showed up in my brain, WAITING TO BE REAL.  Does this happen to you?  Anyway,  here it is...I hope Laura wont be dissapointed in how I used her lovely bead! 

Mixed Media Wall Art 6" x 6"

Ruby's Dress-Mixed Media Art-Laura Guenther-Blue Antiquities
Burlap canvas, copper, fiber, nickel silver, pewter, ribbon, sterling silver wire,
XL lamp work bead- (Laura Blanck), Czech glass leaf bead

Mixed Media Art- Ruby's Dress
Blue Antiquities- Laura Guenther
Large lamp work bead by Laura Blanck
I created the dress pattern out of nickel silver, added the decorative edge at the bottom, then added the holes to complete the edge design. I  textured  the dress edges with a punch, then soldered the copper trim to the sleeves.  I cold connected the brass flower/pewter spacer with an eyelet.  I soldered the wire for the stem of the flower and added the leaf bead. Next, I added patina, fiber and the focal, the beautiful lamp work bead from my partner Laura of Open Studio Beads. I made the wire hanger when I couldnt find the ones I have. It took some figuring out, to get the dress on the hanger and have it hang well with the necklace chain and bead. 
  Do you like? 

My second piece also spotlights one of the striped beads as well, being the focal at the center of
this long necklace.  I wasn't sure what I was going to do. I knew I wanted to make a long necklace and add a tassel at the bottom.  After reflecting and playing around with ideas and beads on the table, (struggling)  I settled with this design. I am always challenged by large beads, but, I'm happy with how this turned out. I wanted to use more of the lampwork beads, however I kept going back to using only 1 bead, the bead showcased better. I set out beads for the basic design, and then I remained flexible as I strung the beads. I used most of the colorful beads and the Czech glass leaf beads from my soup,(at right)  in this arrangement.  I added small neutral seed beads for a contrast of color.  I decided to go with a double strand at the bottom of the necklace for added interest. As I worked, I kept in mind repetition and color as I worked  around the strand.  I wanted to be sure to have balance of color and visual weight with an asymmetric piece.  My photo of the necklace doesnt show how nice the extra beads are that Laura sent me as above, that are scattered in the long length of the necklace.  

The Aspen Willow Necklace

Aspen Willow Necklace- Mixed media beaded- seed beads, yellow patina chain, green patina ring,
 Czech glass beads, leather tassel, lamp work focal, gold clasp, brown leather, red peanut beads

Aspen Willow Necklace BSBP #8

Aspen Willow Necklace- BSBP #8
BlueAntiquities-Laura Guenther
Lamp work focal bead- Open Studio Beads
Gold Clasp- Bead Soup

Finally I am adding another tassel necklace
with the largest bead pictured below.
 I did struggle with this design,
as before, working with large beads is a challenge for me.  I tried all different kinds of things.
I ended up with this, and I do love the bead with the ribbon.

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