Thursday, April 21, 2016

BlueAntiquities Spring 2016 News


            Welcome to BlueAntiquites  

Spring 2016

This spring has brought many changes to BlueAntiquities. Shortly after the new year, and my first yearly workshop at Ornamentea, I found out the shop in Raleigh was closing its doors after 17 years. I was saddened to learn that I would no longer travel to Raleigh to teach Painting with Fire. Since that time, I have found 2 new venues to teach here in Greensboro North Carolina.
I have also opened a small kiosk booth at Gate City Yarns in downtown Greensboro. 
Please stay tuned with announcements and information regarding group workshops and private workshops here in Greensboro.  My email address is  Please do not hesitate to contact me regarding any information, comments, or questions you may have.
Watch for blog posts and Facebook posts for more information on the happenings here at BlueAntiquities. On a personal note, I am separated from my husband of 25 years, and we will be divorcing.  To say this is an adjustment is an understatement.  I've realized so many things, and more and more things are popping out at me as the time separated goes by. We are friendly, however, the is difficult, on all of us.  Some days are better than others.  So, I continue to move along at a slower pace than I would like to, with my jewelry life.  I accept it, and I give myself some slack regarding it, because it is necessary for my well being, and for my kids, wellbeing.
Thank you for stopping by BlueAntiquities, please stay tuned.  I love teaching, I love enameling, I love art!  LOL, I don't know what I would do if I could not create, if I could not dream, if I couldn't seek another time, place, or world.  We can do that through art...