Saturday, August 30, 2014

Tonya's Hope Bracelet
A couple of weeks ago I was in the craft aisle of Walmart,  preparing for my workshops in Southern Pines.  A lady and I struck up a conversation when she asked, "How do you make a bracelet?" Now is that a loaded question?  Where do I begin? 

Her name is Tonya, and she was holding some bright orange and pink beads in her hands. She started explaining that she wanted to make a bracelet with these colors, because she would soon undergo treatment for cancer.  Bright orange is the color for leukemia and pink, the color of breast cancer. 
She wanted to wear a bracelet when she went for treatments.

After talking for a little while, we left each other with a plan for me to create a bracelet for her.  I didn't like the cheap charms at Walmart!  I wanted to create some handmade charms. 
So, here is the bracelet.  The design idea came from the book Chain Style by Jane Dickerson.
I really hope Tonya likes the bracelet and that her treatments go well.  She's a lovely lady.
I am hopeful!  Do you like?

Tonya's Hope Bracelet August 2014