Calico Rose Earrings-Waiting for Publication Belle Armoire 2015
Time Passages Series-My work concentrating on layers with enamels and decals.

Tapestry Floral Print Earrings-To be published Belle Armoire Jewelry 2015
Asymmetric dangle beads, copper flowers, layered enamel and decal charms.
Eyelets, and dark edges create a stunning compliment to these! I love them.
BlueAntiquities by Laura Guenther 
Designs for Tim Holtz Assemblage Collection
Bracelet Designs created for the launch and promo of Tim Holtz Assemblage-Spring and Summer of 2017
I was honored to work with these components and Paula Chaney of Tim Holtz

Collection of Time Passage Pieces for Belle Armoire-Accepted for publication summer 2015
BlueAntiquities by Laura Guenther

Speak Easy Necklace 2015-featuring my text bead
BlueAntiquities by Laura Guenther

BlueAntiquities Rhinestone Etched Cuff Bracelet Laura Guenther

Vintage style Floral Necklace-featuring my layered floral focal bead.
BlueAntiquities by Laura Guenther 2015

Time Passages-Botanicals-Laura Guenther BlueAntiquities

Time Passages BlueAntiquities Laura Guenther

Time Passages BlueAntiquities Laura Guenther Damask

BlueAntiquities Toile Time Passages Laura Guenther

BlueAntiquities Time Passages Floral Laura Guenther

Time Passages Earrings and Packaging 2015 BlueAntiquities Laura Guenther
Time Passages Earrings BlueAntiquties Laura Guenther

Time Passages Rose Floral BlueAntiquities Laura Guenther

Time Passages BlueAntiquities Laura Guenther 2015

Time Passages Toile Earrings BlueAntiquities 2015

Ornamentea Workshop Layered Messages 2014-2015

BlueAntiquities 2014

Deluxe Disk Earrings for Belle Armoire Adorned with Words article on Decals
Set for publishing Sept  2015 Laura Guenther

Adorned with Words article-Belle Armoire 2015  Laura Guenther BlueAntiquities

Adorned with Words Belle Armoire Sept 2015 Laura Guenther



BlueAntiquities 2014 Laura Guenther Advanced Techniques

BlueAntiquities Everyday Sayings Text Beads
Published Stringing Magazine-Available on Etsy

French Typography Bead sets BlueAntiquities 2015
Laura Guenther Available on Etsy

BlueAntiquities French Typography Bead Sets
Laura Guenther Available on Etsy 2015

BlueAntiquities Everday Sayings Text Bead Etsy Laura Guenther

 Inspired by the past, I like to find the stories behind things, and weave them into my pieces, Laura Guenther 2015 

BlueAntiquities 2010 Laura Guenther

BlueAntiquities Liquid Enamel

BlueAntiquites Disk Earrings

BlueAntiquities Layered and lovely Laura Guenther 2013

Belle Armoire Magazine Laura Guenther BlueAntiquities

Torch fired copper and filigree beads with the immersion technique

Torch fired enamel beads by Laura Guenther
Painting with Fire technique

Decal charms BlueAntiquities

Decal Charms BlueAntiquities

Life is one big, amazing, JOURNEY! BlueAntiquities
Decal photo charm Blue Antiquities

BlueAntiquites Decal charm

Early Work

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