Wednesday, October 28, 2015

New Work

My new decal work will be featured in the winter issue (2016) of Belle Armoire Jewelry. The issue hits news stands December 1.  Yay, I am excited.  The article name is Time Passages, which if you follow my work, is the new decal pieces I have been working on.
They are inspired by old fabric and wall coverings. The charms are inspired by the past, but when combined with contemporary techniques and materials, a unique look and rich design is created.  
The article has a really pretty feel, light, white and bright.  There is a necklace that goes with this article that I really love. The earrings are on teacups and the necklace is displayed on a pretty plate! Here is a little preview.  This is a promo up on the magazine website.  I see how the names, textures, and colors of the pieces set the article theme when they were sent to the photography department.
2 page Article spread preview Belle Armoire Jewelry 2016
BlueAntiquities by Laura Guenther

The earrings on the far left teacup are called English Toile.  The ones alone on the right teacup are called Tapestry Floral. 
 I am thinking...I want to go to England, and have some tea, out on a patio, with nice company. What do you think?
                                             You can see quite a different vibe between my photography and theirs.....
Tapestry Floral Time Passages Earrings for Belle Armoire Jewelry
 BlueAntiquities by Laura Guenther

I think it is time to start setting money aside for the trip abroad.  The one I always wanted to take.  The one where I visit all the places I see in magazines, and hear others talk about.  The one I think will never happen.  But, dreams are meant for dreaming.  Wishes are meant to make dreams come true. Some dreams may come true.  And, I will wear the English Toile earrings...have tea and biscuits, in England on a beautiful patio.
 Yes, that sounds lovely!
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Thursday, October 15, 2015

BlueAntiquities "Time Passages" Earring Give-Away

"Time Passages"
Time Passages Earring Card
Inspiration for my Time Passage Earrings comes from the past and all of the wonderful fabrics, wallpaper, quilts,
and patterns I see when I visit and shop estate sales, tag sales, garage sales, and antique shops and malls.
I feel like I pass through time, looking at the different motifs and designs from the days long gone.

Welcome to my Give-Away!
I am excited to show you the give-away earrings! They are created with a quilt pattern design, a new series I will be working with!  If you were to pass through time backwards, you could not do that without seeing quilts.  Quilts have touched the lives of just about everyone!  Everyone has pulled one over themselves to keep warm.  Most everyone has a Grandma or Aunt who has them in their closet or blanket chest. Many of us have them displayed lovingly in our homes. A lot of people know a story to go with each quilt they own. I have a dear loved one who passed away, she became an excellent quilter and won many awards with her quilting.   Started by necessity and seen with fabrics from all times, you will find them in every antique store you walk in. You usually can figure out when they were made by looking at the materials, such as moon shapes and planet motifs of the 50's and 60's typical of the decade of space exploration. I love quilts and they are getting to be very expensive depending on many factors. I have done some quilting.  I made a huge quilt top as a teenager in 1970's-80's fabric and colors of which was never quilted together.  I sold it at a garage sale for $4.00 and have always regretted it! If you have one, hold onto it, especially if it was made by a family member or has a special story, I know you will. 
Pass it on to your children.  Treasure it.
And finally, here they are!   Combined with stone beads, and sterling silver, the enameled charms shine like a hand made quilt.  The charms are created with the immersion technique of course, and I use my method of layering and adding the decal image.  These have gorgeous black edges, which is a wonderful technique you can utilize during firing. It also gives the back of them a really cool look! These arrive in a test tube with my inspiration card, ready for gift giving.  Thank you for commenting and checking out my Facebook page! Look for more of these to be posted in my Etsy shop for the holidays. I enjoy making them, and if you have a specific color combination your thinking about, don't hesitate to ask!

"Time Passages" Quilt Pattern Earrings October 2015
BlueAntiquities by Laura Guenther

Time Passages Earrings Quilt Pattern
BlueAntiquities by Laura Guenther

And the winner of these Quilted
"Time Passages" Earrings is....
Joyce McCray Funderburk!
Joyce, send me a message on Facebook, or email me with your address
so I can get these in the mail to you.

Thanks again for everyone who played along
and for your support of



Wednesday, October 7, 2015

"A Thousand Forests"

Gorgeous work by Gretchen Miller
Ralph Waldo Emerson Kits
A Thousand Forests Labor Day weekend workshop.
 I think we all got along! A sweet bunch of artists to be sure!

I had such a great time teaching these ladies, and I know they learned a lot. Thank you to all of you, I hope you make some cool stuff. I know you will!