Wednesday, October 28, 2015

New Work

My new decal work will be featured in the winter issue (2016) of Belle Armoire Jewelry. The issue hits news stands December 1.  Yay, I am excited.  The article name is Time Passages, which if you follow my work, is the new decal pieces I have been working on.
They are inspired by old fabric and wall coverings. The charms are inspired by the past, but when combined with contemporary techniques and materials, a unique look and rich design is created.  
The article has a really pretty feel, light, white and bright.  There is a necklace that goes with this article that I really love. The earrings are on teacups and the necklace is displayed on a pretty plate! Here is a little preview.  This is a promo up on the magazine website.  I see how the names, textures, and colors of the pieces set the article theme when they were sent to the photography department.
2 page Article spread preview Belle Armoire Jewelry 2016
BlueAntiquities by Laura Guenther

The earrings on the far left teacup are called English Toile.  The ones alone on the right teacup are called Tapestry Floral. 
 I am thinking...I want to go to England, and have some tea, out on a patio, with nice company. What do you think?
                                             You can see quite a different vibe between my photography and theirs.....
Tapestry Floral Time Passages Earrings for Belle Armoire Jewelry
 BlueAntiquities by Laura Guenther

I think it is time to start setting money aside for the trip abroad.  The one I always wanted to take.  The one where I visit all the places I see in magazines, and hear others talk about.  The one I think will never happen.  But, dreams are meant for dreaming.  Wishes are meant to make dreams come true. Some dreams may come true.  And, I will wear the English Toile earrings...have tea and biscuits, in England on a beautiful patio.
 Yes, that sounds lovely!
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  1. Stopped by to see what you were up to Laura. :) These earrings are gorgeous! I've always wanted to visit England...I think you have a great idea! Hope things are going well for you.

  2. Congratulations Laura. We wish more success for you in year 2016 :)


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