Friday, November 4, 2016

Welcome Friends!

I am selling some jewelry at Adelaide's Vintage Home and Garden in Greensboro on Fri and Sat Nov 11 and 12th.  Come and check out Adelaide's beautiful shop!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

New Studio

Hello Friends!

I have moved this past summer and now have my studio finished!  It is upstairs and a little bigger than the shed space I was working out of. I am very happy here.  I can accommodate 2-3 people.  I  have a small spare room for students to come so if that is an option for you, please consider coming for a weekend. You will really solidify your skills in 2 days!

BlueAntiquities Studio Laura Guenther 2016

BlueAntiquities Enamels

BlueAntiquities Studio
Laura Guenther 2016

BlueAntiquities Studio


BlueAntiquities Hallway to spare room

BlueAntiquities Private Workshops Studio
Laura Guenther Painting with Fire

Please see the Workshop Tab for more information and contact me by email for more information.

Thank you! Laura

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Painting with Fire Workshops

Hello! I hope everyone is enjoying the summer and their vacation times! 

Here is what I have available this summer to schedule private workshops.

July 13-15
July 18-21
August 3rd and 4th
August 8th-11

July 13 and July 20 Booked 

I will be teaching group workshops at Shelf Life in the fall.  It is a wonderful shop, owned by a wonderful lady, Cassandra.  It is a new and used art store, check them out, at Battleground and Cornwallis...

If you are interested in a private Saturday workshop, please inquire by email.

For more information on my workshops, click on the PWF Workshop tab at the top of the HOME page.

Thank You!


Wednesday, May 11, 2016

BlueAntiquities Upcoming Workshops

Contact me for more information!
Thurs May 19th Shelf Life
Intro to the Technique
Beginners Welcome 
6-9 pm
Greensboro NC
Sat June 11 Shelf Life
Earring Workshop
Beginners Welcome
10-2 pm
Greensboro, NC
Sat June 18th Gate City Yarns
Intro to the Technique
Beginners Welcome
12-3 PM
Greensboro, NC

Thursday, April 21, 2016

BlueAntiquities Spring 2016 News


            Welcome to BlueAntiquites  

Spring 2016

This spring has brought many changes to BlueAntiquities. Shortly after the new year, and my first yearly workshop at Ornamentea, I found out the shop in Raleigh was closing its doors after 17 years. I was saddened to learn that I would no longer travel to Raleigh to teach Painting with Fire. Since that time, I have found 2 new venues to teach here in Greensboro North Carolina.
I have also opened a small kiosk booth at Gate City Yarns in downtown Greensboro. 
Please stay tuned with announcements and information regarding group workshops and private workshops here in Greensboro.  My email address is  Please do not hesitate to contact me regarding any information, comments, or questions you may have.
Watch for blog posts and Facebook posts for more information on the happenings here at BlueAntiquities. On a personal note, I am separated from my husband of 25 years, and we will be divorcing.  To say this is an adjustment is an understatement.  I've realized so many things, and more and more things are popping out at me as the time separated goes by. We are friendly, however, the is difficult, on all of us.  Some days are better than others.  So, I continue to move along at a slower pace than I would like to, with my jewelry life.  I accept it, and I give myself some slack regarding it, because it is necessary for my well being, and for my kids, wellbeing.
Thank you for stopping by BlueAntiquities, please stay tuned.  I love teaching, I love enameling, I love art!  LOL, I don't know what I would do if I could not create, if I could not dream, if I couldn't seek another time, place, or world.  We can do that through art...


Saturday, January 9, 2016

Happy New Year to all!  2016 Wow! 
Welcome to BlueAntiquities!  The year of 2015 brought a lot of good things to BlueAntiquities!
The first being teaching enameling in Raleigh NC, at the fabulous Ornamentea Bead and Craft store all year long.  It is a wonderful place to be sure. Cynthia works 24/7 to make this one of the top bead stores in NC!  Everyone there, has been a dream to work with since day one.  I have had wonderful students!  All of the artists were such fun to work with and I couldn't be happier about teaching at this venue!  I hope you will watch this years calendar, as workshops will be offered all year long,
and we will have news on upcoming boot camps! The boot camps have been a
 huge success and campers learn so much during those days!
It is amazing to see the transformation of newcomers to the torch,  fire and flame,
become comfortable and confident at enameling with the immersion technique. Each student leaves with enough knowledge to perform the process in a safe and quick manner,
with their skill level ramping up.  I see them begin to share the ideas they have stored in their mind. I know that I have so many ideas  I have yet to do with this way of enameling.  It is so wide ranging, that it makes for a wonderful art medium in the jewelry category!
Join me at Ornamentea for a workshop, or in my home studio in Greensboro, NC. Shoot me an email regarding private work shops.  I am easy to work with! Look at the home pages tabs to learn more about my private workshops.
BlueAntiquities was also published several times in 2015, of which you can also see on the top tabs on the home page.  I am so thankful to have more work in these amazing magazines among other artists! Thank you all for the support and congratulations you gave me regarding these articles!
It means so much, I cant tell you...
I am revamping things for BlueAntiquities , and while I am doing that, I am still selling my decals and my Everyday Sayings beads on Etsy. I am going through a divorce and BlueAntiquitites will be among some changes made in my life.  It is all going smoothly, and I am thankful for that.
Blessings to all of you and yours this New Year, may it bring you everything you hope for.