Tuesday, November 7, 2017

BlueAntiquities says Goodbye and Thank you!

Hello friends! It is with a grateful, hopeful, and open heart I write this post.

After the 2017 holidays I will no longer create or teach with my work BlueAntiquities.  My jewelry and art along with some special items just for the Christmas season are for sale at the amazing Adelaides. I hope you will drop by and see all the wonderful things available. Adelaide always does up the shop...over the top!  You will find vintage Christmas, showcased local artists and the best prices in town.  The shop will have an Open House November 11-12.  Hours are extented for the holiday season and will be posted at the door and on the Facebook page. I will add items as the season progresses towards Christmas.

Holidays at Adelaides  2017

I started creating jewelry with the name BlueAntiquities in 2008. For nearly 10 years I've had the pleasure of working with the artisan jewelry world. And now, I've decided to take a break from all things art and jewelry. I have learned so many things with Blueantiquities. Through the years there were always things that I wanted Blueantiquities to be MORE of...
but, I am happy with what I accomplished, with what I have learned. I gained so many friends and worked with so many talented people. I accomplished many wonderful things. As I looked back on my blog and I reflect on the many things I did, I am really thankful for my journey. I realize I am not Blue, because of all the dreams I fulfilled.  (Grateful)

First BSBP BlueAntiquities


Life is a Journey

History Buff Cuff Article
BlueAntiquities 2016

Along the way,  nothing gave me more joy than teaching. To teach someone something, it is what makes me shine. The students, the people who I taught and worked with were incredible. Teaching may be in my future, we shall see. Nothing made me happier than to see a student excited and happy with something I taught them. 


Boot Camp with Ornamentea

So, as I move forward with my divorce, take care of my son with disabilities, myself and my other children, and I close the book of BlueAntiquities, I find that I am not sad. I am not BLUE.  Because closing the book, means reading another story. Possibilities!
(Candid, Open, Ever Hopeful)

My Kids BlueAntiquities

I'm sure eventually I will do something creative again. When, what, where?
Of this I do not know. I only know I'll take all the experiences of BlueAntiquities with me. There is still one dream I hope to see realized for Blueantiquities. That is to be out in public and see a stranger wearing something I made. A dream that can still come true. ;)  It always tickles me to see y'all wearing my jewelry.  It amazes me how wonderful it looks on you.  That makes me very happy.

To all of you that I met, befriended, worked with along the way, and supported me, under the name, BLUEANTIQUITIES, a big, heartfelt and sincere thank you. And to all of you that purchased my work, thank you from the bottom of my heart, I hope it stays together. Giggle. ;)  I know you are beautiful wearing it! This includes my family and friends.  (So thankful)

Stop by Adelaides to purchase Blueantiquities one of a kind necklaces, bracelets, time passages earrings, enameled jewelry, specialty items...before it's gone for good. And you will be enchanted by the rest of the shop!
It's been a pleasure. Love ya!

Laura Guenther

Monday, July 17, 2017

Tim Holtz Assemblage

Hello Visitors! 

I posted my final necklace on Facebook with  Tim Holtz components.  I had so much fun working with the line, I just can not tell you! As you probably know, the line is called Assemblage.  Paula Cheney, Tim Holtz's Creative Coordinator said, "You can take it apart and put it together again".  And that is what is so awesome about the products.  It is easy to work with.  You can use it with your own artistic elements, vintage components, or use it by itself, to make beautiful jewelry.  It really is as easy as that!

Here is a photo collage of what I created using the line.  My favorite piece ended up being
" Lucky Time Necklace" It was the first piece I created and it has all pieces from Assemblage.  When you wear it, it makes a nice sound. It hangs beautifully and looks awesome with just about anything you wear.

Thank you for following along on Facebook.  I post via my personal page mostly for
workshops and updates on jewelry information.

Contact me via email for private workshops. Id love to have you!

Necklaces for Tim Holtz Assemblage BlueAntiquities May/June/July 2017

Bracelets for Tim Holtz Assemblage BlueAntiquities   May/June/July 2017 Laura Guenther

Thursday, April 27, 2017

New Tim Holtz Jewelry Line-Assemblage!

Sneak Peek
"Lucky Time" -BlueAntiquities
Tim Holtz Assemblage 
Photography-Natalae LaDouceur

Hello everyone, I have exciting news!

I have been working on a project
here at BlueAntiquities.
I received an email from Tim Holtz's creative coordinator,
Paula Cheney, who asked me if I would like to create some pieces for Tim Holtz and his new line of jewelry components.
Well, you guessed right, I said, "Yes".     

Tim Holtz is  
the amazing artist behind the
wonderful mixed media 
Tim Holtz
products available in arts
and crafts stores.
There are fantastic
inks, papers, collage supplies,
trinkets, and journaling products. 

"You know..."

The products that we stare at in the store aisles, the ones that make you inspired to go home and create something.... that special something.  The products that call you to pull out your old photographs and memories, bring them out of drawers
and encase them inside glass, metal or even a mini shrine.  The memories that you want displayed, adored, treasured, shared and loved. 
Yes, I am guilty, I have stood in the aisle too long, the store is closing, and my ideas are too many.
What do I choose?  Which idea do I make reality?
"Yes, the little vintage trinkets that make you remember the time when..."

So, Available May 1
exclusively in Joann stores
the new jewelry line by Tim Holtz!


You will be able to quickly make jewelry to adorn yourself with memories, and/or create an easy piece with the components themselves, even without jewelry making experience. You are going to love it!

After working with these components over the past few weeks,
I have many good things to tell you from a jewelry artist perspective.
During the month of May I will show you my pieces,
and quickly fill you in on my favorite products, assembling tips, ideas and more!  

One of the reasons I am so excited about working with Assemblage,
is because of the vintage feel of the Tim Holtz products. 
My jewelry and my life, has been heavily influenced
by objects and stories of the past.
I have purchased many Tim Holtz existing products 
through the years for my work.

Please check out the web site if you haven't visited,
there is a wealth of information to learn. 

Watch on social media for posts on the
Assemblage line, jewelry from artists and fun ways of putting the line together.  I will post a lot of pieces throughout the month of May on Facebook, Instagram,  and here on my blog.

I can't wait to see what artists around the states and elsewhere do with the line, its fun!   Thank you for visiting BlueAntiquities!     Laura

Friday, March 24, 2017

Bead Soup Blog Party Hoarders Edition March 2017

Reveal Day!!!

Welcome to BlueAntiquities!

My partner is KatieNielsen-Nunez. Find her here.


Katie sent me a beautiful ceramic focal by Round Rabbit and another yellow and blue pendant of which she got from Lori Anderson. That being said, now you know why these focals were hoarded.  They are so stunning!  The colors, the designs, the shapes, the patterns on the surface..

 I cant even describe how lovely they are!  

So, a big thank you to Katie, both are treasures! 

This is the blue piece.

BlueAntiquities Laura Guenther Katie Nielsen-Nunez BSBP Hoarders 2017Add caption

BlueAntiquities Laura Guenther Katie Nielsen-Nunez BSBP Hoarders 2017
 I added one of my torch fired beads with a pattern on top of the beautiful pendant.  I used rosary glass beads, a hand made (by me) cast solder fleur-de-lis connector piece, beaded chain, vintage rhinestone chain and hand made clasp. The necklace is long and pretty!

BlueAntiquities Laura Guenther Katie Nielsen-Nunez BSBP Hoarders 2017

Here is my second project, a note holder. 
Made with a vintage seed packet and the second focal pendant Katie sent. 

BlueAntiquities Laura Guenther Katie Nielsen-Nunez BSBP Hoarders 2017

Thank you for stopping by and enjoy the reveal. The deadline snuck up on me, and my mixed media piece in in my workshop waiting to be finished. Laura

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Group Workshop!

My next group workshop is at Shelf Life here in Greensboro.

I hope you can join the fun!

The link is below for you to view the workshop and then register.


History Buff Cuffs

My new work, History Buff Cuffs are published in this spring's issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry.
I hope you like them.  Enameling these large pieces is more difficult, but the result is outstanding. Putting the cuffs together is tricky. Lining up all the holes to be connected together, is a tedious task.

Shakespeare Cuff BlueAntiquities
Laura Guenther Belle Armoire Jewelry 2017

The Lincoln Cuff Laura Guenther
Blueantiquities Belle Armoire Jewelry 2017
Laura Guenther Belle Armoire Jewelry
BlueAntiquities 2017

George Washington Cuff
BlueAntiquities Laura Guenther 2017

Thank you for stopping by!  Laura

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Hello all!

I am selling my jewelry at Adelaide's Antique shop. I have a space in the front room and I am very excited to sell here. My jewelry fits right in with the look of the shop. I hope you can stop by for a peek. Adelaide's Vintage Home and Garden is located off Spring Garden in Greensboro. Adelaide owns the shop which is an old house. She has beautiful vintage items, painted furniture, old rare finds, unique lamps, hand made candles and much more.

BlueAntiquities at Adelaides
Greensboro NC

BlueAntiquities at Adelaide's Vintage Home and Garden




BlueAntiquities Jewelry Display at Adelaide's Vintage Home and Garden

Romantic, Rustic and Layered with a touch of History

Vintage Tin Earrings

My new motto, "Be strong and take heart"

Thank You for stopping by! Laura