Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Year in Review 

Hello friends!  My last blog post was in the summer just before our big move to North Carolina. A lot has happened, and I am glad, to say the least, that it is all done.  We are here. I decided to write a little year end review for my family, friends and my jewelry peeps.  

It has been a whirlwind of a year.  Starting at the end of January, finding out my husband, Kevin was on a layoff list at Lockheed Martin.  Within months we were signing the contract with Honda Jets, and our move process began. With the uncertainty of landing a job in Atlanta, Kevin's desire to get out of defense, (where he had spent his entire engineering career) along with the move package provided by Honda, it was full speed ahead.   

We moved into our house in August, and the boys started school soon after.  Thankfully we have come very far in making our house a home.  Most things are in the right place, and we have done lots of painting and rearranging of furniture to fit in the new spaces. There are still plenty of projects for the future, but amazingly the downstairs is pretty much done!
Finally, all of the things I had been storing, stashing and hiding for a bigger house, have found spaces in our home. 

A little about Greensboro- (There is still a lot to learn!)

Greensboro is a really pretty area to live in, beautiful scenery with a pretty landscape, not much different than Georgia.  It has a small town feel, with all the conveniences of a city.  We live off of a main road named Friendly.  Our neighborhood is called Hamilton Lakes, with well built homes in the70's.  Greensboro's neighborhoods have no official borders, and many were originally villages before they became part of the city of Greensboro. Luckily the 70's decor is long gone, and 2 out of 3 bathrooms have been remodeled recently.    

Life is a little slower here. People take their time with things.  Driving, oh yes, the difference in driving is major!  I am a pretty fast driver, so this is something to get used to. Plus, Atlanta driving is fast and furious!  People here, are not out and about after 10 o'clock on a week night. If you go looking for a bite to eat after 10, many of the restaurants are already closed!  And, you will feel like the only one awake and driving!  Well, I am exaggerating, but you get the idea of the adjustments we have made.  Life in the fast lane to the slow lane.  I am beginning to like it. 

So far we have not made any real friends yet, just some acquaintances.  But it will happen.  Its a friendly neighborhood off Friendly road.  An area where you find "found" signs posted at the end of streets.  Little mini parks at the corners of the neighborhoods with playgrounds up kept by the city of Greensboro or local garden clubs.  A neighborhood with dog depots available to grab a bag when you need it while walking your dog. A place where people walk up and down the street everyday all day long, for exercise.

Honda Jets-  Honda Jets is going extremely well for Kevin.  He is already doing some lead jobs and the management has been telling him how much they like his work. The company is amazing, they are continually giving T-shirts, and lunches for the employees out of the blue. They reach out to the community frequently.  Recently they had all the employees wear pink t-shirts for breast cancer support.  I just cant get used to Kevin wearing a pink T-shirt!

We are all still in transition and I must say we are in a bit of a rough patch, but it will get better with time.  The kids are having trouble adjusting to everything, especially my oldest two. It's nothing that we didn't expect, but it is still difficult nonetheless.  

As 2013 fades away we are very thankful for Kevin's new job, our new house and neighborhood.  We miss Atlanta terribly, we miss our friends. We are thankful for the decisions we made, that everything went fairly smooth. And we are thankful its all over!

Here's to 2014 being a year of meeting and making new friends. My wish for all of you this year is that you deepen your relationships with your friends and families.  I wish you a year filled with PEACE, LOVE and most of all HOPE.

Thank you to all of my family and friends who supported our move to North Carolina.  So many people were of help emotionally, and we so appreciate it. Thank you!

I am finally making plans for BlueAntiquities and my jewelry.  I hope you will check back and see what I am doing!