Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Bead Soups for my Partners

For Linda Younkman

I had already wrapped some of the hand made pieces for Linda before photographing. 
These photos do not do the soup justice, it is a really pretty grouping, at least I think so, and I think Linda does as well. 
 They were some enamel headpins, and a wrapped fabric and wire link.  I made the enamel pendant with the nature design. I also included other focals. 

I am having camera troubles, so not a really good picture, 
but you can basically see what I sent Linda.
There are more beads than what you can see here.
 I was in a hurry to make the post office. 

Bead Soup for Shay 

I created the long floral metal and tin pendant. I added some hand made enamel star headpins, and key hole charm. 

I will post my pictures of the soup ingredients I received, shortly.
Thank you for visiting! I am excited to see what the 
ladies create with these beads and components! 

Friday, February 22, 2013

Meet my partner for the 3rd reveal! There
was a bit of a mix-up resulting in Shaiha
helping out with an extra partner.
Thank you, kindly.
                               ~Shaiha Williams~
 My second partner is Shaiha of Shaiha Designs, who 
 lives in the beautiful state of Washington.
She writes a fun blog which you can visit here.
 She reads lots of books, loves tea and chocolate and designs jewelry.
I think we will get along!
Shaiha also participates in all
kinds of jewelry challenges and edits books for a living. 
She and her husband have a few pets, I believe. ;)
Check out this amazing multi-layer necklace
she created with freshwater pearls and sterling silver
The wire wrapping on this necklace is so pretty and well done.
I want this to wear with jeans,
and a simple top, either long, or short.
 I love the design placement of the beads, chain and clasp
in this necklace. I like that the beads will
swing back and forth when you wear it.
Shaiha has recently started selling her jewelry online.
You can find it on Goodsmiths
 I have mailed some tasty ingredients to Shaiha, 
I can't wait for her to get them. We are in the last reveal.
Shaiha, I've enjoyed getting to know you,
and I look forward to our

Monday, February 18, 2013

It is time for Lori Anderson's Bead Soup Party for 2013.
This years event has over 500
jewelry artists from around the world. I am truly excited!
 So, let me introduce you to my partner for the second reveal
on April 6th.
~Lindys Designs~
I have the pleasure of working with Linda Younkman again this year.
 She was my partner last time, and I am thrilled to
work with her again.  She is an incredible lady, involved with many things.
She has an Etsy shop, is an assistant administrator with Artisan Whimsy,
writes a blog, and has 3 children that have all attended SCAD college
in Savannah GA.  I am impressed with her use of color and materials.
She also knits, sews, quilts and does crochet.  Linda has a wonderful spirit and
is an artist at heart, passing down her love for arts and crafts to her children.
Linda has an amazing family life!
She is retired, travels with her husband, and her family 
supports her in her jewelry endeavors, going with her,
when finding local bead shops while traveling.
She has beautiful pieces for sale  now in her Etsy shop.
I am inspired by her use of leather and her amazing bracelets.
She has added some skills since our last BSBP! I
got lost in her ETSY shop for
awhile checking out her

This orange weaved bracelet is amazing!
I want it! ;)

These 2 pieces are lovely with color and choice of materials,
don't ya think?

I really like this bracelet. It has great tribal appeal.
Visit Linda's Blog here to follow her jewelry journey.
Thank you Linda, for your partnership... I am preparing
your delicious ingredients..."oh yeah!!! This looks fun..."



Monday, February 11, 2013

Designers Heart Challenge for Artisan Whimsy
~A Mothers Heart ~
You know the passion and love a mother feels when she looks at her new baby sleeping?
This is the passion and love I decided upon, for this challenge.
It's a love like no other. Yes, it's not the typical Valentine love of a man and women.
But, it represents that love and the feeling of hope and wonder that a new life brings
to a mother. When your there in the quiet looking, time stands still.
You wonder about all the things the child will do and 1 day become.
And then you walk out of the room, and if you are like me, you think, " I hope I don't screw this whole parenting thing up!"

Pendant- Fine Art Sticker Morisot Painting
French artist (1841-1895)
Embossed Brass sheet metal, fine art sticker, mica, brass eyelets,
 and black lace ribbon.
Dangle heart made from recycled tin, brass sheet metal, brass eyelet and screw. 
Velvet ribbon necklace.