Thursday, February 20, 2014

Romance is in the Details
Hello everyone.  I am very excited to have my torch-fire work published for a second time in Belle Armoire Jewelry.  This is the Spring issue, due on shelves nationwide March 1.  My pieces are spring colors of pinks, purples and greens, so it fits that my article got delayed a couple of times to this publication.  I still feel uneasy when it comes to writing.  My pieces and the titles for them, were inspired by the streets of France and the Bridge of Sighs located in Venice Italy.
I really would like to go across the ocean and see all of the lovely places we hear about and see in the movies.  It's a dream of mine, along with so many other people.  Anyone up for planning and saving for a trip?  Seems so out of the realm of possibility now, with my kids and where they are in life.  And the responsibilities of family, and marriage.  Ah, a girl can dream, I dream of Paris flea markets.  Yes, and the  gorgeous buildings and walkways, the Eiffel tower, and little antique shops, and the flea markets I see in the pages of my decorating magazines.  But for now, it is only but a dream.
A little information on the Bridge of Sighs, the title for my necklace published in the "Romance is in the Details" article in Belle Armoire Jewelry.
The bridge was built in 1602 and made of white limestone with windows having stone bars.  It is the last view of beautiful Venice by convicts going to their imprisonment.  The bridge name given by Lord Byron in the 19 century comes from the suggestion that prisoners would sigh at their last view of Venice before being taken to their cells. 
On a happier note, there is a legend that if lovers kiss at sunset under the Bridge of Sighs while the church bells ring, eternal love will be granted.  In the movie 
A Little Romance  featuring Diane Lane this legend served as a plot line.  
Bridge of Sighs Necklace- Torch Fire enamel,
and patina with Gilders paste

Petites Maisons Roses Earrings
"Little Pink Houses"


Romantic Ruins Earrings
I really enjoyed creating these pieces, and I would love to teach you how to torch fire enamel with the Painting with Fire method. It's quite easy to learn, and there are many different things you can do with the technique to personalize and add an artistic element to your components and beads in your jewelry.  If your in the triad area of North Carolina, contact me here,
I would love to hear from you.
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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Hello friends, many of you know that I am not a writer, in fact I am terribly uncomfortable writing things for my blog. And many of you know I moved to a new state this past year, and it was crazy I have to admit.  So, why I am I blabbing about this? Well, the words below came to mind when I was putting together a photo table in my new living room.  I am so thankful to have space to put a lot of family pictures about the house.  I have them all up and down the stairway and 2 tabletops are full, and I have frames scattered about.  I know most people have pictures, so what's the big deal?  Well, with 5 of us sort of crammed into our old house, I didn't have a lot of room for photos, without it looking terribly cluttered. Anyway, I decided to risk embarrassment and put the words here. 
An attempt at poetry.
~Into The Light~


It was all quiet in the room, when the day had ended and night fell, 
the trees still and bare, in the winters light. 
She carefully placed the table, perfectly under the window, 
arranging each frame, each family, lovingly on the tabletop. 
She secretly wished they were all there, everyone. 

She lights a small candle and sets it next to the smiles that are missing.
Sorrow and grief have been replaced,
 with faith and solace, for within their treasured faces 
shines a reminder of an everlasting promise. 

It is there in the quiet of the night, 
one candle lights the darkness.
It is there in the calm of the night, 
she felt the reassurance and safety, and peace,
that she desired. 
And somehow she knew, she knows,
that it is all true.

What awaits will have no pain, no suffering,
no worry, no guilt,
only love and light.
And the smiles of treasured souls awaiting.
Welcoming. Light. Love.