Wednesday, September 16, 2015

New Workshops In Raleigh-Ornamentea

New Workshops Open for Registration in Raleigh
at Ornamentea!
Hello jewelry friends!  I am excited to share my new fall workshops!  They are just in time for the holiday season!  Cynthia, the owner of Ornamentea (the amazing jewelry and crafts store in Raleigh) have been working behind the scenes to bring these workshops to you!  These are a bit longer than our previous workshops, because we pack in a lot of techniques!  You will learn metal texturizing, working with fibers, setting eyelets, working with holes for lining up placement in your pieces, and if time allows, I will show you how to hand forged ear wires, which is a must for artisan jewelry!
BlueAntiquities Ornamentea Paint the Sky Earrings
Immersion Enameling Laura Guenther Cynthia Deis Enamel Workshop

And I didn't even mention enameling, and working with decals.  For the earring class, we dive into learning about the magic of transparent enamel, how to layer them, and which metals can be used.  This is where you have options with color, where you can truly paint with fire, create stunning shades, all your own.
BlueAntiquities Ornamentea Laura Guenther
Paint The Sky Earrings Enamel workshop
Cynthia Deis Immersion enameling
For the Poet Link bracelet, we work with texturizing metals as well, and concentrate on  decals.  You will leave with the knowledge of how to add these to your designs, personalizing your work.  Decals really take your work up a notch, and allow an amazing array of options.  Please see my article on newsstands now, in Belle Armoire Jewelry to learn more about the process.  This workshop is a great way to learn hands on, and understand the placement of the flame and firing times which can be hard to learn otherwise.  
Poetic Link Bracelet Laura Guenther Cynthia Deis
Immersion Enamel BlueAntiquities Ornamentea Fall 2015
The first run time for this workshop is November 8th.
Check the calendar on the Ornamentea website for registration.
The link on sidebar of my home page will take you to the calendar listing
where you can view the class description.

Fall Workshop 2015 Poetic Link Bracelet Laura Guenther
Cynthia Deis BlueAntiquities Ornamentea Immersion Enameling
Poetic Link Bracelet Fall 2015 Laura Guenther
BlueAntiquities Ornamentea Immersion Enameling Shakespeare

Shakespeare Poetic Link Bracelet Fall 2015 Workshop
 BlueAntiquites Ornamentea
Laura Guenther Immersion Enameling
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