Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Bead Soups for my Partners

For Linda Younkman

I had already wrapped some of the hand made pieces for Linda before photographing. 
These photos do not do the soup justice, it is a really pretty grouping, at least I think so, and I think Linda does as well. 
 They were some enamel headpins, and a wrapped fabric and wire link.  I made the enamel pendant with the nature design. I also included other focals. 

I am having camera troubles, so not a really good picture, 
but you can basically see what I sent Linda.
There are more beads than what you can see here.
 I was in a hurry to make the post office. 

Bead Soup for Shay 

I created the long floral metal and tin pendant. I added some hand made enamel star headpins, and key hole charm. 

I will post my pictures of the soup ingredients I received, shortly.
Thank you for visiting! I am excited to see what the 
ladies create with these beads and components! 


  1. Great soup.. Can not wait to see what you get.

  2. Such beautiful soups. I can hardly wait to start playing with mine.

  3. Love both soups! Your partners are very lucky ducks :-)

  4. I love my soup and have already started making a piece. Thanks again for being my partner.

  5. Beautiful soups - both of them! Can't wait to see what you and Linda make

  6. Great soups! I’m part of the bead soup party. Looking forward to the reveals. I'm now following you. I have a new blog. Please consider following my jewelry blog. Thanks.


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