Wednesday, August 26, 2015

`Cow Girl Camp Out
was a Blast!
Terri Brush   Laura Guenther   Cowgirl Camp Out  2015
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Art Camp at Home 2016
I had a wonderful time in Chehalis Washington!  The weather was absolutely beautiful and the scenery the same.  Terri Brush became more than an acquaintance, more than a teacher and someone that I looked up to... she became my friend.  And that is something I treasure.
She is a lovely person, we found out how much we are alike, we are the same age, and I so enjoyed hanging out with her for a week.  The week went by so quickly, I really had such a great time! She made sure that I was comfortable and well fed to be sure! That's is Terri, sweet as ever.
I also have to say that all of the artists that attended were also wonderful ladies.  Everyone was so sweet and nice... giving people.  Just couldn't ask for nicer ladies to be around!  I only wished I had more time to sit and get to know all of them.  I think each of them learned a little bit about the enameling technique although the piece we worked on was a bit tricky to enamel. Of course Terri and I have learned from that, and we will adjust for the next go around.  I want to thank everyone for being understanding about that part.  
So, look for more details to come when I head to Washington again next year to co teach with Terri.  We will have lots of fun projects and things to do, so do plan to put the date on your calendar, October  5th, 6th, and 7th, 2016! Head over to Terri's site to register, it is filling quickly!  I am sure the weather will be nice then as well.
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