Monday, March 24, 2014

Bead Soup
Here are the pictures of the soups that Laura times 2 have sent each other.
I received many of Laura's lamp work beads. 
 I already have some projects that have popped into my head. Now, to see if I can create what I see in my imagination, will be the challenge. Another challenge for me, will be working with large beads.  Laura's beads are bigger than the beads I normally work with.  So, this is perfect, because this is what the Bead Soup Blog Party is all about.  Creating and challenging yourself!  I am thrilled to work with these beads! The colors and the designs are fabulous.  Laura was very generous in what she sent me.  Besides the handmade beads, she sent a beautiful clasp, some wonderful leaf beads, and some sparkly glass beads.  The soup is simmering!
Laura Blanck - Open Studio Beads

 Focal Beads by Laura Blanck
Clasp and extra beads that Laura sent to me.
The pictures below are the Bead Soup I sent Laura.
 I created the enamel beads and pendant with the text "Sing" and "Dance"
because Laura is a performer. 
I also created the enamel art quote pendant. 
 I made the silver solder clasp and wing of which
I was happy with how they
turned out.  I wanted to give Laura a choice with the focal.


Here is the picture of the entire soup together.  I chose bright colors, because Laura is bright and cheerful.  I cant wait to see which focal Laura uses!  Stay tuned for our pieces in the May 3rd reveal.


  1. Great soups! I can't wait to see what you come up with.

  2. Amazing soup you received, but I am stunned by the one you made! the focal is so cool and it is such a nice thought!


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