Monday, April 22, 2013

~Heart Full of Love~
~The Love Necklace~

I want to share this project with my readers. It's a necklace I
made for a friend on Facebook. 
 I admire this person for several reasons.
The first is her devotion and love to her family.  
She nurtures her nieces, nephews, grand kids, 
and her extended family. 
 She always has positive things to say about other people, and encouraging words
for her friends and family in her posts.

Recently, she lost her oldest son, to unexpected health issues,
on Christmas Eve. He was in his 30's.
 I am amazed at her strength and ability to comfort others in her time of sorrow. 

I wanted to create something in memory of her son. She saw
a pendant similar to this one, and told me, 
this would be perfect,  
and later we began referring to it as "the Love Necklace".

~The Love Necklace~

Her son loved music and I think he was quite an artist himself.
He also loved playing drums, and hanging out with his Mom.

I made the glass tube bead on the left side of this picture
with his name on the outside, and sheet music on the inside. 
 My friend can pull the wire up, and open the vile,
and insert something inside if she wishes to. 
I also created the little music connector with copper, and mica.
~Heart Pendant~ 
Soldered copper, brass wing stamping,
 acid free paper,vintage dictionary text,
brass screw, patina, and resin.

She doesn't know what the final necklace looks like, only that I
was going to create the heart pendant. I hope she likes the design.
The length is adjustable, by the ribbon at the back of the necklace.

(For my jewelry making friends, I struggled with the resin, I have had beautiful results and many bubbles in pieces. I follow all the tips and tricks about bubbles, but there they are! Rats. These were small and really I think they didnt take away from the design. But sometimes a bubble ruins the the piece.
 Do you have this problem?)

I hope this necklace brings a little comfort to her heart.
With Love and Prayers...


  1. Laura, this is awesome, and I am sure she will dearly love it.Great story and loving thought you put into it.
    Hugs Jean

  2. Loved reading about and seeing your "love Necklace". It is a beautiful, heartfelt piece of art that you created. I know that your friend will always cherish it and keep it close to her heart.


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