Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Vacation, Debby, Cards

Hello everyone!  Well, we are here in the midst of Debby. It has been a vacation buster for sure.  But, what do you do?  The lodging is booked with no refund.  Debby is hellbent on dragging herself over Florida.  The wind is unbelievable.  On 1 of our Florida trips years ago, we arrived just as a hurricane was downgraded and arrived.  The next day it was gone. The wind is what I remember. So yes, here we are with gusty, knock you down wind. 

Yesterday was Kevins 50Th Birthday.  We made the best of it considering the weather.  We ate at a place right across the street.  He really enjoyed all the cards.  He has a soft side, a gentle heart.  Thank you everyone for sending them!  We received 34 cards. That was awesome.  i told him he could pretend his was 34 again! He only got 1 duplicate. Here is a pic of some of them...

One of the nicest cards came from my sister Kelley...

And so many funny cards, he loved them!!!

these were especially funny, from nieces, 
Annie and Michelle on the Guenther side 

Thank You again, the cards made his day! 

i will leave you with a picture of Florida's coast with Debby...

Check back soon.  i did bring some jewelry making supplies, 
and that is what i have been doing while Debby is visiting.
I will be opening my shop in July.
hugs to all, Laura

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Vacation~ Florida
Hello Everyone!  I am so happy about our vacation!  We head out tomorrow.  We did not travel last summer, so this is a needed family trip! We are going to the Tampa/St. Pete area for 2 weeks! Yep, 2 weeks!  I have several things I am looking forward to besides sitting on the beach looking at the ocean. Here, I will tell you.

My husband Kevin is turning 50!  Since we will not be at home or going back to our home town for a party, I have arranged for people to send cards. I am hoping for 50 cards!  They are being sent to my friends house. I pick them up tonight!  

Okay, so another exciting thing,  my son Bradley is taking a camp called Camp Awesome. It is a sailing camp for kids with Aspergers. He will go for a week. So far, there are 7 boys in the group going each morning for 4 hours. He will learn to sail, and be around kids like him.  So excited for him!

Okay, Next up.  I am taking a workshop with the talented Barbara Lewis! 
I get to see her new shop and learn with her. I also get to meet Carol, and we are doing a top secret 2 day workshop. Whoohoo! This is fantastic, I tell you! 
 And last but not least, Olivia and Andrew are so happy we are bringing our doggies with us! We are glad we dont have to leave them for 2 weeks.  I hope they do okay.  Bella, the smaller one, will be fine.  But Breyers, our pretty coated boy dog, he has issues, from being abused.  He is a rescue dog.  We shall see.

Watch for my blog posts on the trip, if your interested.  Hugs to all.

Saturday, June 16, 2012


OH Wow, I am very excited to join Lori Anderson's Bead Soup Blog Party! I have long admired the jewelry and the celebration that comes from this event!  Finally, I can participate, now that I have a blog. Whoohoo, that's what I am talking about!  Thank You Lori! 

I decided I would take on Lori's suggestion of writing a post about how I started creating jewelry.
It was out of need! Ha! Really, My husband and I were seriously getting rid of a big junk of debt.  We let the credit cards get too much on them! So, we were very thrifty for years until this debt was gone. Once it was gone, wow what a relief!  So, how does this pertain to making jewelry you ask?  Well, it's called Christmas.
I came across some pretty glass beads at the craft store and thought surely I can make earrings (Christmas presents) out of these! I did.  I had a pliers but my wraps were terrible! I looked at 1 of my earrings and just twisted it so the bead would stay on! I ended up with earrings...be it shabby wire working!  HA! It couldn't be too bad, because my sister says she still wears them.  I guess my wire held the bead on, amazing! 
From there, I kept my interest up and began "the bead buying".  But not on a credit card! 
I finally figured out that I needed to read the instructions on "the basics of jewelry making"!   I know...
A brilliant mind.