Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bead Soup Ingredients

Who doesn't love soup? 
You can add so many different ingredients to soup to make it tasty.  Add some spices to make a zesty flavor.  Add salt for a soup that is bland.
 You can load it with heavy ingredients to
  make a full meal, or have it on the side to compliment your sandwich.

This is what is so fun about Lori Anderson's Bead Soup Blog Party!  Each participant will take the soup ingredients sent to them and create their very own soup (jewelry piece ) to compliment the flavor of the artist in themselves.

The challenge has little requirements.  The participant must use the focal bead and the clasp sent to them.  The challenge must be completed by the reveal date assigned.  The artist can add their own beads, make several small pieces   of jewelry or maybe 1 exquisite necklace with zesty colors! Add a bead here, some findings there, how about some spicy color right, oh yeah, this is looking fantastic!   

The artist doesn't have to stick with jewelry either.  

Now for anyone who knows me well, this is my kind of cooking!

I will have a link for all the artists/blogs participating in this event. 
It is really fun to see what everyone has created with these bead soups, even if you don't make jewelry. This Bead Soup Blog Party has over 300 artists!

Our reveal date is August 25th.
Thank you Lori Anderson for creating this amazing event! 

Here are my ingredients for my delicious soup!

And below are the ingredients for my partner in the Beading Kitchen, Linda.

                                     Beads from my partner Linda, this is what I will work with.

                                                             Soup for Linda~ Blue

Soup for Linda~ Green 

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