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Give-Away Winner

And the winner is... Jo!  Jo of Jo in Wonderland!  You have won my Grooms bookmark!  I hope you like it!  Use it in your favorite book while your reading!  I made lots of these in a different style a couple of years ago for a craft show and I love them!

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Friday, August 24, 2012

~Bead Soup Blog Party~

A big welcome to our hostess Lori Anderson and to my partner Linda of Lindy's Designs.

and Give-away

My post is a bit long, sorry, if your impatient 
scroll down for the pictures! 



"Its alright little girl. You go. I will stay." -Daniel Warner Marvin
April 15th 1912 
Daniel was just 1 young soul who perished in the Titanic Sinking 100 years ago.

There were 13 couples on their honeymoon when the Titanic set sail. After hitting the iceberg, men made sure their wives were in lifeboats if they could, and kissed them goodbye. The men who got in lifeboats and survived were scorned in society after the sinking. 
Daniel Marvin was just 18 years old when he saved his young bride of  17. 


I loved working with the beautiful beads Linda sent me!
Click on the pictures for a closer look.

 I had recently been to the Titanic exhibit just before I sat down and played with my soup mix, shades of blue, moonstone, and the frame that I had added a 
tintype picture of the gentlemen, from Susan Lenart Kazmer. 

Suddenly,  it all came together to make this Widow necklace.
As soon as I opened my soup from Linda, I knew I would use
this polymer frame for a focal in a necklace.  

 The iceberg, the cold night, the frigid waters, the men who were lost, the souls forever linked together, all are represented here, in this necklace. 
The moonstone, the deep blue hues of the beads, and the chain all symbolize 
what happened that fateful night so many years ago. 

Everything here is from my soup, 
I only added a couple of beads and bead caps.  

I have an attachment to it now,
after viewing the names of the departed and the survivors on a large wall of the exhibit.  Walking by 100 year old remnants that were brought up from the wreckage, is an experience you must take in if the exhibit comes to your city.  

The iceberg exhibit was the part that stuck with me, a large 10 foot slab of ice in the shape of an iceberg, that visitors touched, hand prints embedded in the ice.  When you place your hand there, you were awakened to just how cold the water was that night, April 15, 1912 

Thank You Linda! 
A special thanks to Lori, for all your hard work on this event and her help and encouragement with my blog.  But wait, there's more ...

~Titanic Honeymoon ~
Grooms Bookmark

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For this piece I used the black glass bead, faceted crystal glass, 

and the blue leather, from my bead soup. 
I added the focal connector I made with a reproduction tin type photo and Mica tile.   
I can imagine the groom keeping this in his book.

Quotes relating to Eileen and Dean- both perished on their honeymoon, Eileen was 19 years old.

However, Eileen's effects were retained and how sad it is to relate that she was wearing the beautiful blouse with the little blue anchor when she was found. Her treasured wedding ring was on her finger and the ticket for the voyage was in her purse.

Amid the grief back in Salisbury her mother recalled, "They were so excited about the voyage and their new life together.  I was with Eileen when she was packing her trunk and the last thing she put in was her bible Mr. Pritchard gave her." From Eileens mother.

But wait, there is more!

~Titanic Honeymoon~
Astor Baby Bracelet

In my research, I found 2 babies that were born to the honeymoon 
widows from the Titanic. Baby Astor and baby  Smith

For this piece, I used the blue barrel beads, deep blue lapis rounds, 
light blue raku beads, 
silver beads, leather and white chain.

I went looking for white headpins for the beads
 but couldn't find them in stores. 
So I made spirals on the ends of the beads with white wire. 
I also used some white enamel findings I had in my stash from a 
years ago, when I was purchasing white supplies. 

Baby charm- Nickle silver, mica and tintype photo
Maiden Voyage Earrings

~Clip on Earrings~ 
Clear faceted beads, gorgeous midnight blue
 Picasso finish beads with layered brass findings.

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The winner will be announced on September 1.

Hugs to all, Laura

Here is the link for the rest of the participants, go and check out some beautiful designs! 

And please check out my friend Linda here, my bead soup partner!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

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