Thursday, June 14, 2012

VINTAGE Suitcases...

Hi everyone! I am really excited about my new blog, even though I have no one following it yet, LOL.
I plan to have 2-3 posts per month on vintage finds.  What do you collect?  How did your fascination with the collection begin?  Did you collect things as a child?  
I have so many collections that I have run out of places to put them.  I remember going to garage sales as a kid.  My very first purchase at a garage sale was a red Parsons table. Remember those? 

So, I have a collection of vintage suitcases that I have picked up from estate sales.  My favorite ones have  travel stickers on them.  I love stacking them on top of each other, but realized quickly, many of these old suitcases are not flat, so watch out for that.  These pictures are not my suitcases, but mine look similar. You can also make them into things like a place to keep your mailing supplies. 

Tell me what do you collect?

Look for my VINTAGE FINDS posts in the future!


  1. I'm #1 in two categories! First follower and first comment! Weeeeeeee!!!!! I can't believe that you are a collector! I can remember when my son (at 4 - he's 32 now) told me he was a "collector" as he emptied wax droppings from his pockets. (I'd been melting wax and crayons on bottles). . .I knew I had created a monster. My daughter says, "Please, Mom, get rid of all that stuff!" She's a minimalist. So sad!

    Oh, and the blog is really coming along! Congrats!

  2. LOVE vintage suitcases but don't own a one! I collect typewriters (I have four), vintage cameras, vintage typewriter ribbon tins, vintage buttons, cabinet cards, books -- lots!

  3. Thank You for your comments! I have 1 old typewriter that I love..but it is in the attic. I also have 2 old fans! Look for more of my vintage posts in the future!


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